Getting Acquainted and New Building Location


January 9, 2018

Today, the students and mentors joined together to get a look at our new machine shop location as well as checking out the playing field a few floors up. Our sponsor, NYPRO has provided us with space to work for many years and we are excited to be seeing a new environment that has more space to work. In addition to getting acquainted with the new surroundings, lead mentors Jorge Martinez Sr. and Paul Morrison walked the students and mentors through the safety persuasions needed for us to be working at an engineering company- safety glasses and steel toe shoes are a must, as well as a good, safe attitude to prevent injuries. This weekend, we’ll be cleaning out where we used to work- by the playing field- and moving the essentials down to the new shop.

A complete tour of the new shop and playing field will be coming soon so stay tuned to the updates to see how the team and robot progress through the season!

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