Field Building and Training

This week was filled with some miscellaneous activities. As the controls team continues to work on coding and programming, the rest of the team got to work with building the field, tools training, and awards writing.

We are so lucky to be able to build parts of the field that we can practice on, our space at Nypro not only is able to benefit ourselves but other teams as well. Making the field is one way to simulate what the competitions will be like and we get to invite other teams to experience it as well.

Working at Nypro, an engineering company, also has benefits when it comes to the different equipment we get to use. Our shop has many different machines but starting with the basics of drills, taps, soldering irons, and a jigsaw is a start and are the basics we use for building the bot.

In addition to a robot, the team works on several awards. The Woodie Flowers Award which honors a deserving mentor, the Chairman’s Award, which is an essay based award that consists of an essay describing the teams impact in FIRST, their community and on their team, and the Entrepreneurship Award which involves the making of a business plan. To learn more about these awards, check out or new tab, “Resources for Teams.”


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